Protection of Student Data

Protecting the privacy of children is especially important to Imagine Learning. For that reason, we created certain features designed to help protect “Personal Information” (which is information that can reasonably be used alone or in combination with the other reasonably available information to identify or contact a specific individual relating to children (“Child Users”).

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What is COPPA?

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, is a U.S. law that aims to protect the privacy and personally identifying information of children under the age of 13 who use online services. COPPA requires that all online service providers, including Imagine Learning, obtain parental consent before knowingly collecting personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. Imagine Learning does not knowingly collect or solicit any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13, and instead relies upon information provided to Imagine Learning by the account holder. Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using the Services or creating an account unless they are doing so with parental consent or with the consent of an account holder who is providing such consent in compliance with COPPA. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a person under the age of 13 that does not comply with COPPA, we will delete that information in a reasonably prudent amount of time. If you believe that a child under the age of 13 has provided personally identifiable information to us without appropriate consent, please contact us at

How does a child register and use the services?

Child users cannot obtain a user account without it being created by a parent or legal guardian.

What children’s information is visible to others?

No student’s profile is made available or visible to the public through Imagine Learning. If a teacher utilizes certain features on a device in the classroom, other students may be able to view information that is displayed by the teacher in the classroom, but students can’t view each other’s individual student profiles.

How does Imagine Learning collect and use children’s information?

We may collect children’s information that a parent or legal guardian voluntarily provides to us when using their account and information that is automatically collected when you are logged into the Imagine Learning platform.

We use children’s information to provide the services, to comply with law, for compliance fraud prevention, and safety or with the consent of the parent or legal guardian.

For more information about how we collect and use children’s information please visit our Privacy Policy.

What is FERPA?

Districts and schools who receive federal funding are subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education and protects the privacy of student education records. Imagine Learning complies with the applicable requirements of FERPA governing the use and redisclosure of personally identifiable information from education records.



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