• Students must complete all course requirements as indicated on the graduation plan. A total of 21 credits are required for graduation. Although credits may be transferred from other regionally accredited institutions, the FINAL six (6) credits are required through ILEA to receive a diploma from our institution. A maximum of 15 credits may be used toward graduation requirements. 
  • The prospective graduate is responsible for providing records of all previously completed high school coursework in the form of an official transcript. Although Imagine Learning Excellence Academy can request transcripts from the student’s previous school, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure those transcripts are received.
  • Please note that duplicate courses will NOT count toward graduation or residency requirements but will be listed in additional courses on the graduation plan AND listed on the transcript. This means a student cannot take Algebra three times to count toward graduation or residency requirements. They will simply be duplicate courses.

Graduation Requirements for Imagine Learning Excellence Academy

ILEA Subject AreasILEA Graduation Requirements – NON-NCAA studentsILEA Graduation Requirements – NCAA students
English4 credits4 credits
History and Geography3 credits3 credits*
Math3 credits3 credits
Science3 credits3 credits
World LanguageNot Req.8 credits total
1 credit CORE elective comes from
Electives7 credits8 credits total
1 credit CORE elective comes from (English/Math/Nat/Physical Science)
4 credits Core/Language (English/Math/Science/Soc. Studies/Nat/Physical Science/Foreign Language)
5 credits additional electives
Fine/Practical Art Elective1 credits8 credits total
1 credit CORE elective comes from (English/Math/Nat/Physical Science)
4 credits Core/Language (English/Math/Science/Soc. Studies/Nat/Physical Science/Foreign Language)
5 credits additional electives
Total21The final 6 credits must be obtained through ILEA to graduate from ILEA

Sample Graduation Path by Year

9th grade10th grade11th grade12th grade
Language Arts 9A/9BLanguage Arts 10A/10BLanguage Arts 11A/11BLanguage Arts 12A/12B
Biology A/BChemistry A/BPhysics A/BPhysical Science A/B**
Algebra IA/IBGeometry A/BAlgebra IIA/IIBPre-Calculus A/B*
World History A/BUS History A/BEconomic (.5)
Government (.5)
Foreign Language*Foreign Language*Fine Arts/Practical Elective (.5)Fine Arts/Practical Elective (1.0)
Electives (1.0)Electives (1.0)Electives (1.0)Electives (3.5)
5 credits5 credits5.5 credits5.5 credits
*Foreign language is optional but preferred by colleges.
**Taking additional Math and Science is recommended for college-bound students. If taken, this would require fewer electives courses


Students who believe they are prepared for graduation must undergo an Academic Review process called an Alumni Approval. The review will determine whether the student has completed all of the necessary graduation requirements. To begin this process, a Graduation Application must be submitted. The submission of a Graduation Application does not certify that the student will be cleared for graduation. If the review proves that additional credits are needed, then the student must complete them before he or she will be allowed to graduate. If graduation is denied, then the student will be notified in writing and the results of the Academic Review will be made available.


Students in their final semester must submit a graduation application to initiate the Alumni Approval Process. This comprehensive review includes an evaluation of transcripts, courses, grades, academic integrity, and overall school history to ensure eligibility for graduation. The review typically takes 3-5 weeks but may extend to 8 weeks or longer, depending on factors such as seasonality, document accuracy, NCAA guidelines, and other issues. If any required documents are missing or if concerns arise, the process could experience further delays. We recommend starting the process as soon as your final semester begins, although we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for completion. An optional rush fee is available to expedite the process, but be aware that missing information or unresolved issues will still cause delays. Thank you for your patience as we work to confirm that all graduation requirements are met.


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