Whether you’re looking to graduate or take single courses, Imagine Learning Excellence Academy is committed to student success, and we want to ensure our program meets your educational needs. ILEA is proud to offer many options, including:

  • Graduation plans individualized for all potential ILEA graduates
  • Individual courses for transfer
  • Open enrollment
  • K–12 options
  • Platform availability 24/7/365
  • Self-paced courses
  • Individualized learning platform
  • AP/Honors courses
  • NCAA specialized courses/plans
  • Cognia accreditation
  • Credit recovery
  • Payment plans to fit your needs

Some options require additional fees or paperwork. Course fees, NCAA, graduation, and more affect the length of time you can spend in a course. Call and speak to our staff to learn more.




  • Our K–5 program is designed for elementary students taking four(4) core courses at a time. We cannot separate enrollments into single courses for our K–5 students. Students can purchase optional workbooks to use alongside the online curriculum, however, all information is available within the course as printable worksheets. Please note that parent involvement is required for this program.
    Visit the Help Center for Families for more information.


  • Our middle school students looking to enroll are encouraged to work toward transitioning to high school life. Students can take non-credit bearing courses OR take high school level courses resulting in credits that transfer to the high school for ILEA.


  • Students enrolling in our 9–12 grade courses have many options to choose from, including individual courses, graduation tracks, NCAA-approved courses, AP, Honors, and a wide variety of electives. Our course lists are constantly updating, so please check in with our staff for more information.


  • ILEA is designed to allow students to take a single course to supplement their own programs at a local school, center, or homeschool. Students can take courses on top of their primary school courses with dual enrollment through ILEA during the spring/fall semesters, or students can catch up/push ahead in our summer semester.


  • Imagine Learning Excellence Academy is excited to assist all possible graduates, no matter where the student starts. We are equipped to work with students from any grade level at a speed that works for them to achieve graduation. We will work with each student on the graduation track to transfer in possible credits and enroll in courses required for graduation. Please visit Graduation Requirements to learn more about specific graduation requirements including courses, plans, and residency.


  • We take special account for NCAA college-bound students. Please visit NCAA Student Supports to learn more!


  • Imagine Learning Excellence Academy’s Advanced Placement® courses provide students with rigorous content designed to prepare students for the demands of the AP® exams. We combine content that adheres to objectives outlined by the College Board and include an array of multimedia activities, assignments, and an online platform for in-depth discussions. ILEA does not administer AP exams; all exams must be taken at the discretion of the student. AP textbooks are required and must be purchased by the student/parent.
  • Program Features
  • College-level course material
  • College Board-approved syllabi
  • Multi-faceted technology-based program
  • Engaging content
  • Program Benefits
  • Intellectually challenging
  • Accelerated skill development
  • Best-in-class preparation for the AP Exams
  • Optional college credit before entering college


  • Interactive, engaging curriculum
  • Prerecorded video lessons integrated into our learning platform
  • Highly qualified and certified REAL teachers who grade your work and proactively connect with students
  • Free tutoring available at the click of a button for grades K–12 in ELA, math, science, social studies, Spanish, and French.


  • Semester courses are intended to take approximately 18 weeks to complete. This would require approximately 1 hour per class per day. 
  • Summer courses are intended to take approximately 8 weeks. Summer courses are full semester courses packed into 8 weeks of time. Some students may require more time and some students may finish quicker.

Please note that courses requiring additional time beyond the summer 9 weeks or semester 18 weeks may require additional payment. 

Please visit our Resource Hub for more links, including our current course list. 

Please note that the course list is often updated to reflect class availability, teacher availability, reflect changes in staff, course requirements, verbiage, content, and more.


Are you ready to join the Wolfpack? We’re excited to meet you and help you achieve your goals.