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Calvert Academy FAQs

Calvert Academy is excited to announce that we have joined Imagine Learning Excellence Academy. We know you’ll have many questions, but our goal is to support you and provide a seamless transition. Any changes that may occur will be shared in advance. And, you’ll be emailed a survey to share your feedback: what you like and what you might want to improve.

What does this change mean for you? Mainly, that your students now have access to more curricula options. Along with the curricula you know and love, we can now offer more NCAA-approved courses and a fully NCAA-certified school of record, as well as more electives and K–5 options in the future.

If you have any additional questions not covered below, please call our new number: 888-866-4989 and press option 4. During the transition, any former emails and numbers will still reach us.


Who/what is ILEA?

  • ILEA stands for Imagine Learning Excellence Academy. We are a K–12, NCAA-approved school.

Will my login change?

  • Your login will remain the same through the Spring 2024 semester, but it may change in Fall 2024. We plan to merge platforms to offer more options, at which time your login would change.

I already paid — what does that mean now?

  • If you’ve already registered and paid, you don’t need to take any further action. You will not need to pay or re-register this semester. If you want to add more courses, you will need to register and pay.


Will my teachers change?

  • No, your teacher will not change. If you have a specific teacher you really like, we will do our best to keep you with that teacher. Any changes for the 2024-2025 school year will be to expand options.

Will my counselors change?

  • Brittany Roach (712-354-3359) and Laurel Klaassen will continue to support students and families with academic, mental health/SEL, and college and career counseling.

Is there a new principal?

  • Yes, Dr. Cory has moved on to a new opportunity and we wish her the best of luck. She will be missed! Lorelyn Johnson is the new principal. Read her welcome message to families here.

Will our Education Coordinator stay with us?

  • The Calvert Education coordinators will change. Through Spring 2024 you will still see Brittany Roach and Laurel Klaassen (helping as ECs for Spring), Michelle Mcinnis and Junett Johnston (your APs), and some new faces, Taylor Bains, Emma Rutter, Ashton Madden-Simmons, and more! We’re excited to meet you. Please call 888-866-4989 for help, email Brittany or Laurel directly, or email the whole team at


Will we still have access to honors/AP/Dual Credit courses?

  • Yes. In fact, there may be additional courses offered that you do not currently have access to.

How will this affect my credits?

  • Your credits will not be affected. Anything you earned through Calvert will remain on your transcript.

How will this affect graduation (for seniors)?

  • Seniors graduating Spring/Summer 2024 will graduate under Calvert Academy. Graduation is still happening. We are excited to see you there!

Will our teachers/counselors still host live classes?

  • Yes, although you might see a few more faces. We would like to open this option up to more students.

Will anything change with TEL?

  • TEL is still active! However, Salem University is no longer partnered with TEL. TEL has confirmed a new partnership through Jacksonville University. Please email Brittany Roach for additional information. An AA is still an option, but may require a Bible course with this change.

Will my student graduate from Calvert Academy?

  • Through June 2024, all seniors will officially graduate through Calvert Academy.

Will we still have access to clubs?

  • Clubs that are currently active will remain active through Spring and Summer of 2024. We are evaluating attendance, clubs, and offerings for the 2024-2025 school year. If you have ideas for clubs you would like to see, please let us know!

Will our vacation (no schoolwork due) days remain the same?

  • Vacation and non-schoolwork days will remain the same though Spring 2024. In the 2024-2025 school year, we will be on one system, which removes work due on weekends and all holidays.

Will the current programs stay in place? (SORA, TutorMe, Dual Enrollment, etc.)

  • We plan to keep all programs we can in place through Spring 2024, although some programs may merge into existing ILEA programs. Our goal is to evaluate what we have and use the options best suited for our students. We will be sure to keep everyone informed if anything changes.

Will K–12 still have workbooks?

  • Yes. Nothing is changing with K–2 at this time. If changes do occur, we will let families know.

Will K–5 still use the same curriculum?

  • Yes. Nothing is changing with K–5 at this time. If changes do occur, we will let families know.
Imagine Learning Excellence Academy


  • Find all the links and documents you need in the Resource Hub. Many forms require a signature; those forms must be sent through DOCUSIGN to your email.


How does ILEA Work?

  • Imagine Learning Excellence Academy is a fully accredited online K–12 school open to students in the U.S. and around the world. Students attending ILEA have the benefit of accessing a virtual campus from the convenience of their home and at their own pace, time, and schedule — all with the same accreditation offered through public high schools. Imagine Learning Excellence Academy serves students from the public, private, and homeschool communities. We offer a personalized learning environment designed to help students achieve their educational goals

What records do I need to enroll?

  • Birth certificate or state-issued ID 
  • Enrollment form (sent through docusign) 
  • Financial form (sent through docusign) 
  • Official transcripts (requirement depends on your plans with ILEA such as transferring directly back to your home school or graduation through ILEA) 
  • Waiver forms (credit-recovery or pre-requisite) 
  • Additional forms as needed

What if I decide to transfer to another school?

  • We are happy to be part of your educational journey at any time, whether for a single course, graduation, or something in between. ILEA is accredited and as such, students should not have any concerns with transferring courses to another school. Transferability of courses is always up to the receiving school. ILEA cannot make any guarantees on transfer courses.


How soon can my student start?

  • Depending on student type (transfer/graduate), course request, and payment, students can begin courses in as little as 4–5 business days. Students requiring additional forms, documents, or information may take longer to register. Please note that it is very important that student information is accurate, legal names are used, and paperwork is filled out correctly to avoid delays in paperwork processing. 

What is an Education/Graduation Plan?

  • Students who are looking to graduate through ILEA will have a graduation plan created by one of our staff members. This plan looks at all previous courses taken (once official transcripts have been received) and all courses required to fulfill graduation requirements. Students then have a basic outline/plan to choose the correct courses throughout their educational journey.

Do I need to notify my previous school?

  • ILEA does not require students to notify previous schools. However, your state or school may have their own regulations and requirements. It is up to the student/parent/guardian to alert all necessary entities regarding withdrawal from a previous school or dual enrollment.

Do you accept high school transcripts from other countries?

  • Yes. Transcripts must be translated by a professional agency prior to submission.

Do you accept homeschool credits?

  • Currently ILEA does not accept homeschool credits. 

Do you accept students with disabilities?

  • At ILEA we admit students of any race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities at Imagine Learning Excellence Academy. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, or national or ethnic background in the administration of any of our programs. ILEA cannot create or update an IEP, 504, or similar plan. ILEA can make limited accommodations and modifications to courses. Please speak to our team to find out more.


Do you offer Financial Aid?

  • ILEA does not offer financial aid. ILEA also does not have scholarships or other discounts at this time.

How much is tuition?

  • Tuition is based on type of payment plan, number of credits, courses, and more. Please call us at +1-888-866-4989 to review all the options. 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

  • If, for any reason, you are not satisfied within your initial enrollment period, you may submit a written request for refund. Refunds are only offered within the initial drop/grace period for courses. Spring and Fall Semester students are given 14 days from the very first payment; Summer students are given 7 days from the very first payment (minus the registration fee and any applicable taxes).


What courses do you offer?

  • ILEA offers a wide range of courses for K–12 students, including core, electives, AP, Honors, A–G specific courses, and more. Please visit our courses page for more information on our specific course lists.

Will I have a real teacher for my courses?

  • YES! Live teachers are available via Virtual meetings such as Blackboard, text, email, and phone. While the learning style is asynchronous (as in the student learns at their own pace via the platform—not a live teacher lecturing), assistance is available on a 1:1 basis for students.

What are your graduation requirements?

  • Students must complete 21 total credits, must complete all subject requirements, and complete their final 6 credits (or more) through ILEA. Please visit our graduation page for more information.  

Can I transfer during my senior year?

  • Students may transfer to ILEA during their senior year of school. Please note that students will be subject to ILEA requirements, which could mean the student MAY need to take more courses to satisfy subject requirements, total graduation requirements, and a minimum of 6 credits in their final year to graduate from ILEA. 

What is the GPA scale?

  • The ILEA grading scale is unweighted

Grade Scale Conversion

A = 94–1004
A- = 90–93.93.7
B+ = 87–89.93.3
B = 84–86.93
B- = 80–83.92.7
C+ = 77–79.92.3
C = 74–76.92
C- = 70–73.91.3
D+ = 67–69.91.3
D = 64–66.90.7
D- = 60–63.90
F = under 59.90

Do I have to do State Testing or college testing?

  • ILEA does not provide state, college, placement, or AP testing.

How long do I have to finish my courses?

  • Semester (0.5 credits) courses are generally set to complete in 18 weeks. Students may work at their own pace, faster or slower, depending on the student’s individual needs.  
  • Summer courses are generally 8 weeks long. Please note that fees may be associated depending on payment plans.

Do you have a graduation?

  • ILEA is proud to announce that we will have an online graduation in 2024

Are there higher fees for AP courses?

  • AP courses cost the same as typical semester courses. A one semester AP course (0.5 credit) would be the same price as a regular one semester (0.5 credit) course.
  • Many AP courses DO require textbooks which need to be purchased by the student.

Can I be DUAL enrolled?

  • As a private school ILEA can accept students for DUAL enrollment. Please ensure the other school, approves of your dual enrollment with ILEA. Please check with both schools to ensure courses and credits are applicable to both schools.
  • Please note that NCAA students have different requirements, be sure to speak with our NCAA specialist prior to enrolling.

Will colleges accept an online diploma?

  • ILEA students have been accepted to colleges around the world after completing their HSD requirements. As an accredited school we hold the same accreditation as a public institution. ILEA cannot guarantee acceptance or transferability at any time. The student/parent must contact the receiving school to discuss if there will be any issues or concerns. 

Are your courses NCAA approved?

  • Yes. ILEA takes great pride in assuring our NCAA-bound student-athletes are on the right path, know their requirements to graduate, and remain eligible as college-bound student-athletes. 

How do I order my records and how long does it take?

  • Depending on the document type, location, and payment information, records requests vary from a few days to a few weeks. Please contact us for more information +1-888-866-4989. If documents require a signature such as a SSN document please note that this may take longer to fulfill. Please note that ALL SECTIONS of documents requiring your information are filled out prior to sending in the document. These must be legible before our administration will sign documents.  

How do I order transcripts and diplomas and how long does it take?

  • Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded from your Genius student portal. Official transcripts are requested through Parchment. This is a 3rd party that takes the order request, takes payment, and asks ILEA to attach the correct documents before fulfilling the requests. These documents may take 5–6 business days to complete through ILEA however Parchment has their own processing times.


Is ILEA accredited?


Does ILEA provide computers?

  • ILEA does not provide computers. Students are required to have their own access to computers and internet to complete coursework.

What devices are compatible with ILEA courses/What technology requirements do I need?

  • Imagine Learning Excellence Academy uses the platform provided through Imagine Learning corporate. Please click here to see the technology requirements document for more information.


How can parents/guardians see student information? Is there a student account?

  • Please see our tips and tricks page for more information.

What is your CEEB code and what IS a CEEB code?

  • A CEEB code is issued by the college board to schools (such as ILEA) the ability to see AP test scores for students who take AP exams. 
  • ILEA CEEB code is 030676

Do you offer AP Exams?

  • We do not offer AP exams. We do offer AP courses, however AP exams, location of exams, and payment for exams, are the responsibility of the student.

Are there costs required outside of tuition?

  • AP courses require the purchase of textbooks by the student (most courses require a textbook purchase but many are moving to online options, please ask us for our AP list) 
  • Some courses require additional materials. For example, electives such as photography require the ability for the student to use a camera.  
  • Additional costs are required for additional services such as verification of enrollment, graduation, transcripts, and more. Please contact us to find out more about any additional fees.

Please be sure to check out our handbook for additional information, policies, procedures, and more in-depth explanation. You may also reach out to our team at +1-888-866-4989 with any questions.


Are you ready to join the Wolfpack? We’re excited to meet you and help you achieve your goals.