Welcome! We’re thrilled at your interest in joining the ILEA Wolfpack.

After you fill out the Get Started form below, someone from the admissions team will be in touch to help walk you through the application process. If you’d like to get a head start on the paperwork, please visit the Resource Hub

The entire application process, from application to the start of classes, typically takes just 2–3 weeks.

College-Bound Athletes


We know you’re excited to start classes—but some good things can’t be rushed! Please allow yourself plenty of time to complete enrollment, especially during busy times of the year. 


Student/guardian and admissions team consultation: 15–30 minutes

Let’s chat over the phone or Zoom (your preference) to discuss your goals and ensure we’re a good fit.


Application process: 3–5 business days

During this phase, our admissions team will help you complete these forms:

  • Enrollment
  • Financial responsibility
  • Create online school account
  • Request courses online
  • Additional forms, if required


Reviewing transcripts: 5–7 business days

Please submit your official transcripts to us ASAP!

This process may take longer depending on the season and for international transcripts, multiple transcripts for one student, and transcripts with errors. 

Students transferring back to their home school are not required to provide transcripts. If a records request needs to be placed through our academy, this may delay the process.

Transcripts are required for:

  • Credit recovery courses
  • Pre-requisites

Transcript Analysis for Graduating Students

If your student is graduating through ILEA, we will complete a graduation analysis—an integral step to ensure future success for your student. Although we can complete a provisional graduation plan based on an unofficial transcript, we cannot guarantee ANY credit transfer until we receive official transcripts.

If a records request needs to be placed through our academy, this may delay the process.


Payment for courses: 1–3 business days

Once tuition is paid, admissions will receive notification of payment within 24 business hours. Your courses will then be activated.

Approximately 2–3 weeks total from start

Welcome to the Wolfpack! It’s time to get started on your courses.


  • Brand new students (or returning students) must pay an application fee of $80
  • Tuition is based on the number of courses and which payment plan is chosen. Please Contact Us to discuss your options.
  • Charges may be required, such as senior dues, late fees, reactivation fees, transcripts, verification of enrollment, and more. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Additional charges will be added for students who lapse/miss payment deadlines.


If the Wolfpack isn’t the best fit for you, our network of sister schools includes faith-based programs and adult education that may work for your needs. Please ask us for more information on your consultation call!


If for any reason you are not satisfied within your initial enrollment period, you may submit a written request for refund. Spring and Fall Semester students are given 14 days from the very first payment. Summer students are given 7 days from the very first payment. Refunds do not include the registration fee and any applicable taxes.

Partial refunds may be available beyond the initial 14 days for spring/fall and 7 days for summer enrollments. Please see the schedule below:

SEMESTER PAYOfficial Withdrawal Deadlines and Refund Schedule*
Summer classesWithin the first 7 calendar days of payment – 100% refund
Spring/Fall classesWithin the first 14 calendar days of payment – 100% refund
 No refunds beyond the drop/grace period
All refunds must be requested in writingOnly brand-new students with a new monthly payment are eligible for a refund. Within the first 14 calendar days of payment If request and form are received prior to payment due date
ON payment date + 2 days after payment date75% refund
4-7 days after payment50% refund
8+ days after payment is madeNo refund
Disputed transactions**All incorrectly disputed transactions will be charged back including any additional fees incurred
**Minimum of the fee that was disputed plus $150 fee for incorrect disputes. Student account will be placed on hold including enrollment, transcripts, etc., until fees are rectified. This may result in a dissolution of services between the school and the student/parent.


Are you ready to join the Wolfpack? We’re excited to meet you and help you achieve your goals.